The Location based app to engage visitors*

*Theme parks, zoos, holiday parks, museums, attractions, universities, business parks

Providing your visitors with an interactive mobile app has never been easier or more affordable.​​​​​​​

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What is YourMapp?

YourMapp is the easiest and cheapest way to get a real app in the app store. Your content, your brand, you’re in charge and it’s easy to do.

YourMapp is a location-based app, designed to enhance the experience for visitors to key attractions and locations. With layers of maps and content, businesses are using YourMapp to inform and help their visitors get the best experience out of their visit.

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You’re in charge

We’ve built a platform that is flexible and customisable, giving you full control over the content your visitors see. Tell us your brand colours and images and we’ll create an iOS and Android app that your visitors can download for free. You can also embed or share your content online!

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What’s in the app?

YourMapp’s packed with great features to help you make sure that users can make the most out of their visit

Show your world through your eyes

Don’t rely on other people’s maps, use your own! Upload your own maps and make them interactive, link to more maps and information and let users see exactly where they are.

Engage your visitors with push notifications

Alert your visitors to the latest news and announcements, instantly and directly to the app.

Works offline

No matter how remote, don’t let a poor network ruin their day. Visitors can still use the app without a data connection – even geolocation will work!


Make sure your visitors have all the information they might want, without having to ask.  Add as many pages of content as you like, crammed full of information, images and documents.  Everything can be categorised and linked from the maps, making it easy and intuitive for your visitors to find exactly what they need.

Take control of your visitor experience with YourMapp

YourMapp gives you full control over your visitor experience with its easy to use, flexible online management tool

Upload your own maps with ease

Adding your own maps is as simple as uploading an image. From there, you can drop pins, draw around key landmarks and link them to more information.

Provide your visitors with all the information they need for the best possible experience

From accommodation and opening hours to attractions and eateries, there’s a place for all of your information in YourMapp. With built in search and category support, finding your information is easy for you and for your visitors.

Preview your content as it would appear in your app

Using YourMapp Preview, see how your content will look when it is published to your very own mobile app. View maps, test your geolocation settings, view pages and see how your categories appear in the menu. It’s easy to do! Just generate your code and see your content in minutes.

When you’re ready, build your app!

Every detail is in your hands, from colour scheme, to app name, to icon. Just tell us how you want it and we’ll build it for you.

Once you’re happy, we’ll submit your app to the app store for you!

You’re then free to update the app whenever you want.

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