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5 reasons why your tourism business needs YourMapp

Are you in the hospitality and tourism industry? Then, you probably care about visitor experience. If you’re looking to enhance […]

First Prize for Best New Product Concept Award

We’re hugely excited to announce that YourMapp won First Place for Best New Product Concept award at the IAAPA Brass […]

Custom Branding with YourMapp

YourMapp’s custom branding feature lets you customise the look and content to fit with your business identity. Customers appreciate and respect […]

What are YourMapp Credits?

Credits are used when you add content and admins to your account. Buying and using credits is very easy and quick […]

Push notifications for a Reliable Service

Send reminders and alerts to your visitors for instant announcements or to tell them about your latest news. YourMapp push […]

Web embed for a Consistent Presentation

Create a consistent presentation across all your channels by using web embed to share your maps on any page of your website;  helping […]

A Simple Content Management System for Your Location-based Business

YourMapp makes every visitor experience special. With access to a content management system, you can add, remove, send and update information and […]

What is YourMapp Preview app?

YourMapp tailors existing technologies for enhancing visitor experience and promoting location-based businesses. Our creative and passionate team is working hard […]

Your Maps: Geographic or Custom

YourMapp can seamlessly transform your physical maps into interactive branded apps. You can choose between having geographic maps, customised images or […]

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