Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What size images should I use for my content pages?

To ensure your images look good on high resolution devices we recommend that your images should be at least 300px x 300 px.  However, you need to remember, the bigger the images, the more data the app will have to download.

What size images should I use for my custom maps?

The size will depend on the size and complexity of the image, however, we generally recommend that your images should be at least 300px x 300px.  If you need further advice, please feel free to contact us.

Can I check the app before it goes into the app stores?

You can use the YourMapp Preview app to preview how your content will look before publishing. You can download it here

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

Your app will be removed from the app stores.

What are unused content pages?

If you delete a map, the content pages that it links to are not deleted in case they are linked from another map or you wish to reuse them.   If you no longer need an unused content page, you can delete it to regain credits.

How do I know if I’ve made changes to my content since I last published it?

The publish screen shows details of the public version of your data.  If changes have been made since your last publish the “Publish your latest version” panel will highlight in orange, otherwise it will be green.

How do News Push Notifications work?

News items appear as an alert on the user’s phone and are added to the News list in the menu.  

If the user has disabled push notifications for the app, in their mobile’s settings, the news items will appear in the News section of the menu the next time the app receives data.  News items will disappear from the user’s app when the news expiry date occurs.

How will the app reflect my branding?

The app will be installed with an icon of your choosing, your logo appears at the top of the menu screen and the menu background will be a gradient of your chosen brand colours.  Of course all the maps and images that you load into your content can also reflect your brand.

How will my App appear in the App Store?

To promote your brand, the app will appear with the icon, name and description set by you when you upgrade your account to YourMapp on Mobile.  First Option Software Limited, the creators of YourMapp, will show as the developer of the app in the app stores.

How much data does the app use?

The amount of data downloaded will depend on how much content you add to the app.

There is an option in the app that enables users to control whether the app only downloads content over a Wifi connection.   This option is on by default.

What mobile devices and operating system versions are supported by the app?

The app is available for iOS and Android.  The iOS version supported is iOS8 and above.  The Android version supports devices with Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and above.  There are a wide variety of Android devices and so unfortunately we can’t test them all.  If you have any problems with specific devices, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

What does Geolocation do?

Geolocation uses the phone’s GPS capability to show the user’s location on the map as a small blue dot.  Geolocation can be used on geographic maps and custom maps that have been geographically located.  A custom map image must be created accurately to scale for Geolocation to work on a custom map.

How do I know if people are using my app?

YourMapp audits each view of information in your app and provides simple statistics on views of your content so that you can see what information is of most interest to your audience.

How do Custom maps differ to Geographic maps?

Custom maps are images that you upload and make interactive by adding pins and regions.  If you have traditionally created a printed map, you would typically be able to use the image that you normally print on your leaflets.  Custom maps are downloaded when the app is first used and stored so that the app can be used even when there is no connectivity.

Geographic maps are displayed using Open Streetmap.  Pins and regions of a geographic map can be placed on geograpbhic maps to make them interactive in the same way as you can for custom maps.  A pin/region on a geographic map can be linked through to a custom map, allowing you to use a geographic map to show your location(s) and then link them to a stylised custom map to show a more friendly view of your location’s layout.

Users will require an internet connection to view geographic maps in the App.

What custom enhancements can be added to the enterprise version?

The enterprise version allows full extension of YourMapp. For instance, enhanced branding, integration with systems, specialist content, the possibilities are endless.

How many maps can my app have?

Your app can have as many maps as you like.  You add more maps using the admin portal at any time.  Remember, if your map contents are large/complex you can link to any number of additional layers of maps to make your content easier to navigate.  Each map uses 2 monthly credits.

Does my app have to go in the app store?

If your app is to be made available to a closed, private community, such as your employees, there are other possibilities on how your app could be distributed.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What interactivity do the maps provide in the app?

The map can be pinched and dragged as any user would expect to view the contents of the map.  They can press on pins or highlighted regions to view further maps or your content information.

Could I use YourMapp to present information other than a map?

Absolutely.  YourMapp makes your images interactive and so could be used to allow people to navigate a process flow diagram, a technical drawing, an org chart – anything where it helps the user to navigate by interacting with highlighted areas on an image. For mobile customers, you can also add any information you want to a page and link to it straight from the app’s ‘Explore’ menu. The possibilities are endless.

What are Credits?

Credits are the currency of YourMapp.  Credits are used up when you add maps, content, users to your YourMapp account.  Conversely credits are released when you delete items.  Your account comes with included credits, and you can purchase more at any time.

How do I make my map interactive?

You can make any map interactive by drawing regions or dropping pins onto your custom or geographic map. Your regions and pins can then be linked to more maps and points of interest. For more information, see our video tuorial.

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