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Turn any image into an interactive, layered digital map for web and mobile

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Easily create custom maps for web and mobile

YourMapp is the easiest way to create custom and indoor maps for your website or to publish your own app.

Custom Maps on Mobile

Display your interactive maps in your own branded mobile app for iOS and Android.

Manage your maps online and update your app remotely – no updates required!

Offline Maps

The YourMapp app syncs content, so you can continue to use it without a data connection

YourMapp Mobile

Add layers of interactivity to static maps

YourMapp Manager provides everything you need to bring your maps to life

YourMapp manager is your simple cloud-based tool for building and managing your maps. Manage every aspect of YourMapp from maps to content. When you’re done, updates are published to all users instantly.

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Publish your map updates to both web and mobile at the press of a button.

YourMapp updates are powerful and flexible. Save changes to maps, Points of Interest, galleries and content, then publish them all at once with a single click. Your users on web, mobile and tablet will receive the updates next time they use YourMapp

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(The possibilities are endless)