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"It was easy to find what we wanted"

With categories and search, your guests are able to quickly and easily browse rides and attractions to suit them. With categories, make it even easier for them to find what they’re looking for!

"The app was so much more flexible than a website or a paper map"

Using their existing map, YourMapp allowed the theme park to add interactivity, and search functionality with intuitive navigation and offline capability. It does everything a paper map does and much more! Instant updates, unlimited content, no printing costs and less litter!

"YourMapp showed us our exact location throughout the park"

Theme park layouts are often complex. With YourMapp’s geolocation, make sure that guests find it easy to find every ride.

"The app notification made sure we didn’t miss anything!"

Use alerts throughout the day to let visitors know about the latest news, events and offers.

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