Custom Branding with YourMapp

YourMapp’s custom branding feature lets you customise the look and content to fit with your business identity. Customers appreciate and respect organisations with clear identities. You work hard to present yourself across signage, websites, and leaflets, so don’t let a generic app let you down.

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Logo and Colour Scheme

YourMapp lets you customise the colour scheme of your app so that it matches your brand. You can also add your very own logo and instantly see how your app will appear to the public when published, with your colours and your logo.

Icons and Categories

Change the shapes and colours of your icons to fit with the identity of your business. With YourMapp you can choose custom icons and add your own branded images for consistent presentation across all your channels. Customise the look of your menu with your own category images to promote your business brand.

When you’re ready, build your app! Once you’re happy, we’ll submit your app to the app store for you! You’re then free to update the app whenever you want.

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