There is nothing sweeter than Patti's charming little Wedding Chapel. An adorable venue for a small intimate ceremony. 

The story of the sweet little Chapel at Patti's.In 1999 the Tullar's purchased the Ridgetop Mall from Julia Badger, the area across the street from the Settlement where the Patti's Annex now sits. Once owned by Mary Knoth as small fishing cabins, the Badger's renovated the buildings into a retail shopping mall. As Mrs. Badger developed the area she built a tiny meditation chapel in the center of the mall. Chip fell in love with the Chapel and decided to relocate it to the Settlement, placing it as a part of the memorial garden for Miss Patti and Bill. Since that time the chapel has been a backdrop for engagements and a very popular site of small quaint weddings. During the Festival of Lights the Chapel is breathtaking in Blue and we invite you to see this very important part in the story of Patti's 1880's Settlement.