The Pink Tractor is one of the most popular shops at the Settlement. The contemporary gal will love our apparel and accessories that change with each season.  Vera Bradley, Buddha Girl, Lenny and Eva and lots more unique and popular brands.   

History of The Pink Tractor  

Where the Pink Tractor sits today, the original building and surrounding property were purchased for a home for Mr. Bill's mother, Delsa Rose. The detached garage was converted to a gift shop called the Thieve Market.  Chip added cedar log siding that inspired the development of the Settlement. This later became part of C&A Christmas Exchange. Grandmother Tullar lived on the property and worked daily in Yesterday's Gift Shop until 3 weeks prior to her passing at age 94.  After her passing, the home was given new life as the shipping and receiving department for Patti's 1880's Settlement. With growing business we moved shipping and receiving over to C&A Christmas Exchange and we opened the Pink Tractor in September 2009.