Home Decor and Outside Garden Shop

When it comes to decorating your home, finding unique pieces that will infuse your home with your personal style is a necessity. At Reflections, we understand the importance of incorporating cute and chic pieces into your home decor while still ensuring that your house represents your unique sense of style. Farmhouse styles and sweet sayings add elements that enhance the other items in your home rather than working against them. Our home accessories represent the height of chic and on-trend home accessories with unbeatable prices.

Reflections gift shop, originally named "Reflections, A Mirror of Memories", is another set of two cabins joined together. These two cabins were a part of another family's dream to create a heritage village on Highway 641 in Marshall County. Originally the tow cabins were left apart to create a breezeway, somewhat like an old dog trot cabin. Eventually we had to enclose that area to make the shop larger. New porches were soon added. Its part of southern heritage we really fell in love with. 

Reflections has quality unique products fro your home and garden. The first thing you will notice when you open the door is the aromatic scent of our Tyler Candle collection. Whether your taste is pure country or park avenue chic, we have what yo need to accent your home or garden.