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See how the app helps them find the way to lectures.

I used the app to get to my seminars and lectures on time

The app’s search, and ability to explore the interactive maps makes it easy for students to find classrooms and lecture theatres even if they are rescheduled into unfamiliar buildings.

It makes open day visitors and freshers feel at home

A visiting student or new fresher can find a new campus a daunting prospect.

Help them to familiarise themselves with their surroundings by providing maps of all your campus, building layouts and facilities in one place and with geolocation showing where they are on your map.

The app provided everything we needed to know

Layered maps and content help your students and visitors find all they need to know about your campus, facilities and the surrounding area in an intuitive form that they become instantly familiar with.

An app is what I expect of a modern college/university

Students have grown up in the digital age and so are dismissive of how paper maps and information is so easily and often out of date with the real world. Make sure they have the latest information in a format they are most comfortable with in your own branded app.

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