5 reasons why your tourism business needs YourMapp

Are you in the hospitality and tourism industry? Then, you probably care about visitor experience. If you’re looking to enhance your visitor experience, there are many reasons why you need YourMapp, let’s start with 5!

Customers expect digital integration.

Your customers’ lives are digital; they expect your business to be as well. `Digital’ now means `mobile’ for most, a fact that smart businesses can make use of. Without a convenient, accessible digital presence, customers miss out.

Having an app for your business may seem daunting and difficult at first. But with a user-centered approach and a friendly support team, YourMapp can seamlessly transform your physical maps into interactive apps.

YourMapp is designed to enhance your customer engagement and visitor experience.

Consistent presentation makes the most of your unique selling points.

Customers appreciate and respect organisations with clear identities. You work hard to present yourself across signage, websites and leaflets, so don’t let a generic map let you down.

You promise a great day out, YourMapp helps customers find their way around it. The more convenient the journey, the happier the customers are. And happy customers are repeat customers.

Customers crave reliable services.

YourMapp just works, delivering the information your customers need when they need it. Knowing they have an interactive map in their pocket lets them concentrate on enjoying the day. The offline functionality avoids any issues of signal coverage, while push notifications cover everything else.

Personalised content makes every customer experience special.

With a customer-based approach, every customer’s experience can be special. YourMapp helps you organise and orchestrate your guest journey. Build your map out of your content to represent your business and respond to your customer needs. YourMapp helps visitors enjoy the perfect day out, both before and during their visit.

Behind the app sits an imaginative, hardworking and talented team helping you fine-tune your visitor experience down to the last detail.

Your customers are all in one place, when they’re with you and even when they’re not.

When they’re with you: 

British weather, no problem: easily guide guests to rain proof attractions.

And when they’re not:
Remind guests of great visits and nudge them to pop by again.


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